TURCO 1270-9X



Paint remover Turco 1270-9X is an uninflammable, mildly alkaline, environmentally acceptable paint stripper, free of methylene chloride, phenol and chromates.

Turco 1270-9X is developed for softening and removing polyurethane and epoxy paints, and also suitable for other paint systems.

Turco 1270-9X is non-corrosive for aluminum 2024 and 7075, steel, cadmium plated steel, titanium and magnesium.

Turco 1270-9X has a mild odor and has a thixotropic nature.

Turco 1270-9X must be applied by brush, airless spray or flow coating.

Surface condition:

It is recommended to adequately wash heavily contaminated areas by means of e.g. steam cleaning prior to the application of paint remover Turco 1270-9X.

The paint remover must be applied on a dry surface.

Method of use:

Physical properties:

Density : 1,05

Viscosity : 3,5 - 4,5 Pa/s

Color : yellowish

Flash point : none to boil

Storage : 6 months in the original unopened containers

Practical usage : approx. 2 l/m


Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Before using this product refer to container label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional precautionary, handling and first aid information.