TURCO 1495




Turco 1495 is a viscous white liquid for use as a medium-heavy duty aircraft polish and cleaner. It quickly removes oxide films and corrosion products from aircraft surfaces, cleans and polishes aircraft to a high luster. It will not scratch or show swirl marks even when used with power buffers.


Turco 1495 offers these features:

  1. Safe on all aircraft metals.
  2. Especially effective for cleaning and polishing alclad aluminum.
  3. Safe on high strength steel; will not cause hydrogen embrittlement.
  4. Conforms to Douglas Aircraft Spec DPM-5208.
  5. Very high lubricating properties protect metals, hand polish or use with power buffer. Will not leave swirl or scratch marks associated with power buffing.

Use instructions

Before applying the Turco 1495 polish, it is advisable to wash the aircraft to remove heavy soil, oil and exhaust deposits. Your Turco Sales Engineer can recommend a suitable cleaner based upon your production needs.

Turco 1495 is furnished in a viscous liquid form, ready to use. Apply sparingly with a piece of toweling or small paint brush. Polish with power buffer or by hand, using clean, soft toweling or cloths.

Change polishing head or cloths frequently, the oxides and film removed by Turco 1495 will load-up and adversely affect the efficiency of the Turco 1495 polish and its results.


Turco 1495 is packaged in 10 and 20 kg containers.

Storage and handling

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Keep containers closed.

Before use, consult MSDS.